Monday, December 5, 2016

Pep Baby Cover

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So Macey isn't a baby anymore but when I saw this and I just had to snag it for when we have another baby!(No I'm not pregnant haha) I've seen these everywhere and thought they were so smart!! The cover I had for Macey would always flap in the wind and didn't keep her very warm at all, or safe from the millions of people wanting to peek at her when she was a newborn lol! So when I saw this I knew it was a must! It has SO many uses!!! Carseat cover, nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover! The material is so so soft and I tried it on to see if it would be easy to nurse under and the material is so stretchy and easily fits over me, I could also fit twins under there if needed haha! It also came with a little laundry bag! So cute! If anyone is in the market for one of these I HIGHLY recommend this brand! #pepbabycover
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